BOLT is the world’s first modular heated mug designed to go in the dishwasher.

Designed for life in Canada

BOLT is a completely portable and rechargeable heated 10oz mug that maintains your drink at your ideal temperature for 4+ hours. The BOLT was developed after 4 years of working with world-class designers and engineers here in North America to give you the longest lasting, most affordable, easiest drinking experience.

Completely Modular

BOLT features a modular design, which combines a smart heating Base with detachable, interchangeable MugTops that can be thrown right in the dishwasher. Using a sophisticated bayonet mounting system, the BOLT Base and MugTop can be attached/detached with one easy twist.

The Mug Top

Advanced Thermodynamics

The BOLT MugTop’s insulation system is engineered with a double walled static air gap design. The inner stainless steel liner mates seamlessly with the base to transfer heat directly into your drink and not your hands. The included lid also dramatically reduces ambient heat loss to keep your drink hotter, longer.

No chippable coatings. No Corrosion. No BPA’s

You want to taste your drink and not the container. The food grade stainless steel inner liner doesn’t rust, chip, flake or flavour your beverages in any way. Even the most neglected 4 day old coffee won’t stain or affect your MugTop.

Handwashing sucks.

You're buying the BOLT to make your life easier, not to add chores. We all have dishwashers and we would like to use them. The MugTop is sealed, inert, 100% waterproof and completely safe in any dishwasher cycle. When dirty just toss it in the dishwasher and get on with your life. It’s not the 1930s and hand washing dishes is for broke students.

Switch, Swap and Style.

All MugTops are interchangeable and swappable on any BOLT base. Combine any colours and any number of BOLT MugTops so you don’t have to share with the rest of your family. They can all have their own MugTop and not steal yours when theirs is in the dishwasher.

The Base

Take it anywhere. Charge it anywhere

BOLT’s heating Base is fully portable, with high-capacity 5400mAh lithium-ion batteries that keep your beverage hot for over over 4+hours and can be charged using any standard USB Type-C charging cable.

It’s Smart!

Liquid-level and thermostatic sensors are controlled by a smart microprocessor that detects and regulates beverage temperature continuously as you drink.

Your drink. Your Settings

The LED control panel features capacitive touch sensors, with LOW, MEDIUM, and HIGH temperature settings that keep your beverage at a range of 45C-65C depending on your thermal preference.

Fewer battery cycles = The Longest Battery Life (and Lifetime) possible

Even the slowest drinkers can get multiple drinking sessions in on a single charge. Engineered with thermodynamics and extreme power conservation in mind, the BOLT base only needs to be charged (at most) every few days.

Simultaneously heat-and-charge

If your base is low before pouring a cup, we have you covered. The base is also designed to heat your drink AND charge at the exact same time. Plug it in at your desk and it will still be hot long after your mind-numbing corporate meetings.

Safety is key.

Even if you forgot about your drink, the BOLT didn’t. The base has an automatic 4 hour shutoff to conserve battery health and prevents any worries about leaving it on overnight or at the office. The base also has a two-step initialization process to avoid accidentally turning it on and a non-slip rubber ring to eliminate spills.