The MugTop can comfortably hold and heat an 11oz beverage. However, we list it as 10oz (a common setting on most commercial coffee machines) to ensure you're still able to add cream and sugar without worrying about spillover.

The MugTop is waterproof, the base is not. It is however water resistant to small spills and drips that come with consistent use. The base should NEVER go in the dishwasher or be submerged in water.


The outside diameter of the BOLT base is 3.75 inches. At this size, it is designed to fit into most standard North American vehicle cupholders, HOWEVER each car is different and exact cupholder sizes vary. The BOLT base has a depth of 1 5/8 inches before the handle begins to extrude from the body of the mug. So before you can be sure that the BOLT will fit into YOUR particular cupholder, you must measure both of these dimensions.


No. The base should NEVER go in the dishwasher. The Bolt is designed so the MugTop can be fully detached from the base with one easy click. The MugTop can then be placed directly into any dishwasher.