BOLT is a Canadian company that was founded upon a mission to solve two of the world’s worst and most mildly infuriating problems:

1.Cold coffee

2.Hand-washing dishes

So we decided to design, build and patent a product that tackles both. And we did just that.

People loved our BOLT heated coffee mug so much in fact that our Kickstarter presales raised over 100K in under 10 days making it the most successful campaign of its kind. We knew people were thirsty for a smart heated mug, and we were so pleased that we were absolutely right. To date, we have shipped thousands of BOLTs to over 46 different countries world-wide.

There is no secret to our success. Living in the icy, white north of Toronto, doing battle with cold coffee and tea was a daily struggle. To be completely honest, we selfishly designed BOLT’s smart mug tech for ourselves with only our needs in mind.

Thermoses were too hot, coffee mugs were too cold, and so called mug warmers and coffee warmer coasters just didn’t work.. We added the largest batteries possible to make sure our coffee was “whatever temperature we wanted” for “however long we wanted.”

We’re incredibly lazy and we refuse to hand wash anything. It isn’t the 1920’s. Fancy insulated thermoses and mugs should only go in 2 places. The dishwasher or trash. So we patented a modular temperature control smart mug system that allows you to wash the MugTop in the dishwasher while you swap on a fresh one.

We all have a million chargers. Having to know the difference between USB-A, USB-B, USB-B Micro, USB-B Mini (yes, those two are different) and matching them to all of our devices was a nightmare. We couldn’t change the industry, but we could pick the one that 99% of the word already owns. Our portable BOLT base charges with any USB-C and you don’t have to lug around (or forget) yet another charging device. We’re here to make the world’s best temperature control travel mug, not to sell chargers.

Mugs are boring. They’re in every office, they’re on every desk, and they all look like crap. There is only so much you can do to make a mug, even a USB heated travel mug, look cool. And oh boy, did we do it. (Spoiler: it’s just colors). We were tired of simple black and white mugs, so we made the BOLTs the most fun and stylish warming coffee mug and heated tea mug out there.

The BOLT is designed to be the best possible version of a self warming coffee mug. We feel that the things you own shouldn’t dictate your lifestyle, they should enhance it (yes, even the best self heating travel mug on the market). So we spent what one would call a “weird amount of time” making a heated mug that would do just that.

Luckily for us, being incredibly focused on a product that was essentially “just for ourselves” allowed us to design a rechargeable heated coffee mug that not only we love, but apparently everyone else does too.

Now that we know everyone else in the world shares our oddly-specific passion for drinking hot coffee or tea, we are driven to constantly evolve, adapt and grow our company to make our products even better.

If you’re still reading this, you clearly dislike cold coffee and tea as much as (or more than) we do and we know you’ll love your new BOLT.

Welcome to the family. We’re glad to have you.