5 colour options

charge with any usb C

rechargable 5000mah

rechargable 5000mah

4 hour heating

5 colour option

dishwasher safe


Your drink. At YOUR temperature. On your schedule.

Charge It

Wash It

Swap It

Comes in YOUR 5 Favourite Colours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For any additional questions feel free to email support@boltmug.com 

You can also press the chat button on any page. All messages go directly to our phones and a real human (us) will get back to you as soon as humanly possible. Usually within minutes Monday through Saturday during standard North American office hours. But realistically, we answer any questions every single day of the week as long as at least one of our employees is not asleep.  Contact Bolt Smart Mug's team and as us anything!

The Bolt heated coffee mug is designed to be lightweight and function with the same portability as any other mug. Surprisingly, the BOLT actually weighs less than your standard ceramic mugs. With the base attached, the Bolt temperature control smart mug weighs slightly under 1.3lbs.

The Bolt self warming mug comes in 5 colours (Raven, Grape, Key Lime, Midnight Blue, and Mint). Just select your colour and add it to your cart. 

NOTE: Many phone and computer displays have different colour settings. For your reference, the following are the BOLT Smart Mug colours currently available and their correlated hex colour codes. 

Midnight Blue: 00214C

Raven: 000000

Lime: C0FF58

Mint: 00FFB6

Grape: AA3EFF

The capacitive touch lights on the Bolt Self Heating Mug dim after 30 seconds and wake when touched or a setting is changed. These simple controls and clear feedback makes the Bolt electric heated coffee mug the simplest to use and the best cordless coffee mug warmer around.

With a damp cloth, lightly wipe away any spills on that get on your Bolt rechargeable heated coffee mug base. Pat dry any remaining moisture. Do not let water pool. The base should NEVER be submerged in water or put in the dishwasher. 

It is splash and spill proof. NOT waterproof. 

Yes and Yes. Extra MugTops are available as an add-on. They are available as add-ons on the main shop screen or on the cart page. You can select any colour. It doesn't have to be the same as your full BOLT heated travel mug.

Each of the Bolt Smart Mug MugTops is completely interchangeable, dishwasher safe and will work on any base. 

That means you can combine colours and style your Bolt rechargeable heated coffee mug any way you want!

The MugTop can comfortably hold and heat an 11oz beverage. However, we list it as 10oz (a common setting on most commercial coffee machines) to ensure you're still able to add cream and sugar to beverages in your Bolt Temperature Control Smart Mug without worrying about spillover.

Bolt Heated Smart Mug's MugTop is waterproof, the base is not. It is however water resistant to small spills and drips that come with consistent use. The base should NEVER go in the dishwasher or be submerged in water.


The outside diameter of the BOLT's smart heating base is 3.75 inches. At this size, it is designed to fit into most standard North American vehicle cupholders, HOWEVER each car is different and exact cupholder sizes vary. The BOLT base has a depth of 1 5/8 inches before the handle begins to extrude from the body of the mug. So before you can be sure that the BOLT usb heated travel mug will fit into YOUR particular cupholder, you must measure both of these dimensions.


No. The Bolt Heated Coffee Mug's base should NEVER go in the dishwasher. The Bolt is designed so the MugTop can be fully detached from the base with one easy click. The MugTop can then be placed directly into any dishwasher.


The indicator on the BOLT smart base will turn to Red when it has 50% battery. At 50% it will still last for multiple cups of coffee (1- 2 hours). 

At 10% battery the red light will start blinking and eventually it will auto shutoff.

Charging time depends on if you have the basic charger or the 3 Amp fast charger. On the fast charger it takes about 1-2 hours from a complete drain. The regular charger is about 3-4 hours.

The BOLT is also designed to work with any usb type-C charger. That includes your laptop chargers, phone charges or any other product that uses a USB Type C charger.  

The charging time will vary depending on volts and amperage of your own charger. 

While ceramic is good for thick standard mugs, it is a very inefficient material for actively heated smart mugs. 

The heating cycles cause materials to expand and contract repeatedly which will lead to cracking, chipping and flaking. The adulterants will eventually get into your beverages and you. 

Food grade stainless steel is a fantastic drink ware vessel. It doesn't corrode, is hygienic and incredibly easy to clean. Stainless steel conducts heat very efficiently which usually means a rapid loss of temperature. However, we used some ingenious engineering to utilize that trait to our advantage. 

The MugTop is insulated with a double walled construction that transfers heat into your beverage and not your hands. 


The BOLT MugTop can hold 11 fluid oz, however we list the volume of the MugTop as 10 oz. Some standard coffee makers dispense 10 oz drinks, so we wanted our users to comfortably have room for the addition of coffee cream, syrups or sweeteners without risk of overflowing. 

If you do like filling your BOLT MugTop to the max, you can use our included thermal lid to prevent any spillage. 

The BOLT smart heating bases and MugTops are designed to be completely interchangeable. 

The bayonet mounting system allows you to easily click on and click off any MugTop with any base of any colour. 

Almost all of our customers buy multiple extra MugTops to use with their smart bases while their other MugTops are in the dishwasher. 

On the shop page, there are add on buttons to purchase additional MugTops in any colour. 

Technically yes, however the battery won't last as long. The BOLT is designed to be a warming coffee mug and not a reheating coffee mug. It's a battery operated coffee warmer, so the BOLT heated mug is still governed by the laws of thermodynamics and power supply. Cold liquids require a lot of energy to come to temperature. If the BOLT is operating on battery power, it will use a large amount of that power to heat the liquid so you will have to charge it more frequently. The BOLT battery will usually last through multiple cups of coffee over the week. If you're heating cold coffee it would last for a single cup or two. 

If you have the BOLT plugged in on the Heat AND Charge mode, then it will reheat the coffee without any issue, but may take longer to charge. 

If you're looking for the best cordless coffee mug warmer or the best rechargeable heated coffee mug, the BOLT smart coffee mug is for you. 

Yes it can! We designed the BOLT self warming mug to be the perfect addition to any desk during the work day. If you travel with your mug, you can also use any USB Type C to make sure your coffee is heated all day long and in any location. 

When the BOLT temperature control smart mug is plugged in and on Charge mode (pulsating green light), you can touch and hold the power button to engage the Heat AND Charge mode. Simply select your temperature setting and you will have hot coffee while you're charging. 

The charging will take slightly longer as some power is diverted to the heater, but you shouldn't notice a large difference. 

According to multiple studies from around the world the preferred (and ideal) temperature to drink coffee is between 120°F (50°C) to 140°F (62.5°C). Some people enjoy their drinks at a lower temp and some prefer higher. With that in mind, the BOLT rechargeable heated coffee mug is engineered to satisfy everyone and the BOLT allows users to keep their drinks between a range of 113°F (45°C) to 149°F (65°C). 

The smart heating base has a LOW, MEDIUM and HIGH option that allows you to set your BOLT self heated mug at your preferred drinking temperature. 

For coffee drinkers that want to keep their coffee the hottest while saving battery life, we've also included a free thermal lid to maximize performance.