How To Make The Perfect Pour-Over Coffee!

How To Make The Perfect Pour-Over Coffee!

Making delicious handcrafted coffee can be the most rewarding aspect of your morning. Following this simple guide you can add a relaxing pour over ritual to your daily routine and improve the quality of your coffee in the process! It is just as simple as it sounds!

What you will need:

  • 20g of coffee
  • Coffee Dripper
  • Kettle (preferably gooseneck)
  • Timer
  • Grinder
  • Filter Paper


  1. Boil your water to 90 C

  2. Place your dripper on your coffee mug or and insert filter paper. Wet the filter paper with hot water.

  3. Add roughly 20 grams of coffee (that has been ground to a ‘medium’ grind) to your dripper. 
  4. Add 60 grams of hot water to the coffee. Wet all the coffee to start the brewing process. Use slow concentric circles to ensure even water distribution. Avoid simply dumping the water over the grounds. You are trying to soak the coffee grounds as much as possible.

  5. Once you’ve reached 60 grams, wait 35-40 seconds and then add additional hot water to reach 200 grams total of poured water.

  6. Wait for another 1:30 and pour an additional 100g of water.

  7. Once all the water has passed through the dripper, remove and swirl coffee.

  8. Pour into your BOLT heated mug to ensure that your coffee remains the perfect drinking temperature throughout your morning. Drink and enjoy at your own pace!
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