5 Best Dark Roast Coffee Brands 2023!!

5 Best Dark Roast Coffee Brands 2023!!

5 Best Dark Roasts For Your Heated Coffee Mug - 2023! 


It would be a shame if you were drinking mediocre coffee from the best heated mug on the market. I’m referring, of course, to the Bolt Mug. Duh. What is the point of a temperature controlled mug if what you are drinking is mediocre?


And for that matter, what is the point of all the fancy coffee accoutrements that come with your smart coffee mug, if the coffee  itself is just ‘meh’?


As the coffee industry continues to innovate and evolve, so does the selection of dark roast coffee beans. Dark bold coffee has only grown in popularity of the the last 20 years, and 2023 looks to be no different. Dark roast coffee beans offer a unique flavor profile that many coffee enthusiasts love. The beans are roasted for much longer than light roast beans, which brings out the natural oils of the bean and provides a richer, more full-bodied flavor. Dark roast coffee beans also have more caffeine than lighter roast beans. Dark roast beans have a higher acidity level, which can give coffee a more pleasant taste. The unique flavor of dark roast beans makes them the ideal choice for making espresso, cold brew, and other specialty coffee drinks.

So where do you start?  Here. Whether you prefer a bold and sharp, or full and mellow, these five dark roast brands will have you covered.

Here is a list of our top 5 Dark Roast coffee beans for 2023. 

Kicking Horse Temperature Controlled Mug



Kicking Horse - Kick Ass Dark Roast

Quite simply, Kicking Horse’s Kick Ass Dark Roast is a great bean and makes a great tasting, yet pleasurably intense, cup of coffee. Bursting with flavor, and not shy with its caffein punch either, Kick Ass is high on our list of 2023 dark roast beans. In addition, Kicking Horse is a Canadian company, that is both certified organic and fair trade, which is why it is an obvious choice to drink it from a beautifully crafted heated coffee mug designed by another proudly Canadian company. Kick Ass from Kicking Horse is a great choice for a dark bean in 2023. 

Olde Brooklyn Heated Mug

Olde Brooklyn Dark Roast Italian Coffee

Olde Brooklyn Dark Roast Italian Coffee is a rich and bold full-bodied bean, roasted to perfection. It is an artisan-style Italian brew with deep, dark, intense flavors, spicy undertones, and a long finish. Olde Brooklyn’s deep ties to the most prestigious coffee-growing regions in North, South and Central America as well as India, Indonesia Africa & Asia gives them unparalleled access to the world’s best coffee beans. This artisan-style coffee is a great choice for a cup of morning winter Joe, in your Bolt heated mug. 

Death Wish Heated Coffee Mug

Death Wish Coffee Co.

Death Wish Coffee is a unique coffee brand that claims to be the "world's strongest coffee." It was founded in 2012, and has grown wildly in popularity in the past decade. It contains twice the amount of caffein then the average cup of coffee, and has become wildly popular with athletes who enjoy the extra jolt in caffein. Death Wish is organically grown, which contributes greatly to its intense flavors, which hold some cherry, some chocolate, and a long finish. It is one of the most popular dark roasts on the market, and if you are looking for a truly intense bean, Death Wish will not disappoint.

 Coffee Bros Heated Mug

Coffee Bros Dark Roast

This is a more gentle dark roast than Death Wish, but still full, rich, and loaded with intense flavours. It is made with 100% Arabica beans and is a great blend of sweet and savoury to start your morning.  Hints of dark chocolate and creamy caramel make up this smooth but strong cup of coffee. And in terms of process, the coffee is roasted immediately after an order, to ensure the flavours are locked in and freshness is maximized. A 12oz bag is a great companion gift to a Bolt heated coffee mug!

 Lifeboost Heated Mug

Lifeboost Dark Roast

Lifeboost Dark Roast coffee is an ethically grown coffee bean from some of the best coffee growing regions in Nicaragua. This coffee is absolutely delicious with intense and bold flavors accompanied by a smooth finish sure to satisfy any coffee drinker. Lifeboost Dark Roast coffee is also certified organic and free from mycotoxins, mold, and pesticides, a healthy and environmentally safe staple of the Lifeboost brand. In addition, it is shade grown and bird-friendly. Not only is this a delicious bean, the company’s ethical standards are worth supporting as well!


There you have it!

Dark roast coffee is a delightful treat that can be enjoyed in many different ways. It's deep, smoky aroma and strong, bold flavor can provide an energizing and comforting start to the day or a relaxing and satisfying end. With its many health benefits, dark roast coffee can be enjoyed guilt-free, making it the perfect beverage to savor and enjoy with your heated mug.

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